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    Breadcrumbs only going two levels


      I am having a couple of issues with Breadcrumbs in my project. This is a Framemaker book imported over into Robohelp. I used the original Framemaker TOC and the Robohelp topics are based on the original book chapters.


      When I generate WebHelp, I can generate Breadcrumbs at the top of topics. However, I run into a couple of issues.


      1) The Breadcrumb trail only goes from Home to one topic at a time. If I navigate from one topic to another (and not from Home to a topic), the Breadcrumb will still only show Home > Topic at the top of the page. It will not show both topics. In other words, I can't use the Breadcrumb links to get back to the topic I came from.


      2) I have a couple of topics where the Breadcrumbs do not show up at all at the top of the page. I suspect it is because these topics are too long and have multiple third-level topics within them. I have tried putting Breadcrumbs in a master page, but have the same problem. Is there any way to get the Breadcrumbs to work on topics that are long with multiple sub-headings?