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    After install, no desktop icon

    nygal77 Level 1


      I installed both Photoshop and Bridge CC today.  After the installaion, which went correctly, there were no shortcut icons on my desktop.  How do I get them there?  By the way, I also installed Scout and Lightroom and both icons were on my destop after installation was complete.  Why not the PS and Bridge?



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Got a specific OS?

          Why do you need icons on your desktop – can’t you just open the applications from the application folder?

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I have limited experience with Windows 8, so I don't know if it is new to 8.1, but I really like pinning favourite apps to the Task bar, as we do in Windows 7.   Launching from Desktop icons is good to have as an option I guess, but it can be a struggle getting to the desktop with a bunch of apps running. 


            I also like launching from the Windows 8 Start screen by starting to type the app's name, or just clicking on a well placed icon (on the left).  This has paralells with the Desktop, but the Start screen is so much quicker to get to.  I really must make the effort to get a better grip of Windows 8, because I am actually quite liking it.


            And call me shallow, but I love some of those little cheap as chips Win8 apps like you have on your phone or tablet.   Although, come to think of it, I only seem to use them a few times after installing, and then forget about them.