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    Context Sensitive help

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      i have the version Robohelp for HTML help 9. I have created a html help. i need to create a context sensitive help now.
      how to create it?? is is possible to assign topic id and map no to books??pl anyone help me clear this..
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      tech writer - biq.
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          There are different ways to create context sensitive help, because it takes both the help author and developer. Dividing that labor can be done in different ways. Essentially, the process involves the developer creating help links (map numbers) generated from F1 or help buttons in the application. If this is already done, you can read those with a tool like Bug Hunter (from RoboHelp) or Help Workshop (from Microsoft).

          Help then has two files - an .hh file, which connects the map # with an ID, and an .ali file, which connects the ID to your topic. No, you cannot connect to a book but if the book is configured to display a topic you can connet to that topic.

          RoboHelp will create these two files for you. Look in your RoboHelp Help to get started, but also talk to your developers to see how nuch is done already on their end.