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    Which video card should I get?


      Just got a BMPCC, and I shoot in raw. I color grade in Resolve and transfer it over to Premiere and I notice that Premiere and Resolve are laggin.


      My system:

      i7 3960x

      16 GB Ram

      nVidia 480 GTX

      3x raided SSD's (don't know the read our write speed on the top of my head)


      Never had problems with premiere till recently. I'm thinking it's the video card, and probably the rams (prob going to upgrade to 32 gb.)


      I'm willing to spend $200-$500. From what I've been reading on Google, Cuda works a lot better in premiere then AMD's OpenCL. Obviously, the less the price, the better. I bought the GTX 480 when it was about 2 generations old, but I bought it because of the price compared to performance.


      Also, looking to get into After Effects. So any card that is balanced between Premiere and Effects would be great.


      Any recommendations would be appreciated!


      edit: I'm using all Adobe CC programs.