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    for install font which way is best


      my system is not so fast.... recently i format my laptop and install everything again. but i never install font yet.  i have total 100MB and and 1000 ttf file. as i know if i install many font in windows system then system also get slow... so now i want to know what is best you way use font in photoshop.. direct install in windows fonts folder or install Suitcase Fusion 5.


      if i install Suitcase Fusion 5 isn't that slow my system ? also want to know what is disadvantage for disadvantage Suitcase Fusion 5...



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I use Suitcase (older version), and it has worked well with all of my Adobe programs, plus about everything else.


          I have about 19,000 fonts, but seldom have more than about 300 - 400 "installed" at any one time.


          I also create Font Sets for specific clients, or specific projects, and when I work on those, I just do a quick install of the appropriate Font Set.


          There is also a free font manager, FontFrenzy, that gets good recs. I have it around, but have not felt the need to install it, due to my happy use of Suitcase.


          Good luck,



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            biju Level 1

            thanks...i tried Suitcase 5 already.. its nice... but my main view is that make system slow or not.. because i saw it always running background and keep memory.... also its copy font to his own dir. so what the point for not install directly in windows... as this running behind always in windows and copy font