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    Narration sound problem


      Hi, I've created quite a long video with a lot of narration in it. It's almost complete and up until this point has been working a treat but I seem to have done something that has lost the sound for just the narration. Soundtracks and clips still play with sound. The levels all appear to be set correctly, and when I double click on the narration on timeline and play the individual narration clip, it still has sound. It just wont play narration when I try to preview the whole production. Immediately after this happened I pressed undo a few times (to undo what ever I did) but that didn't cure it and to make matters worse, with my continual flapping around I've now managed to save the project in it's current state.

      I'm sure it's something simple because it's all there but I'm lost. Any help would be great?


      Thanks Gav


      (Elements 11)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you open up the Audio Mixer (under the Tools menu in Expert view), does the audio from your narration register on the VU meters?


          It could be that something simply triggered when you plugged in or unplugged a USB device. Go to the the Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and open the Audio Hardware page. Make sure that Default Device is set to Premiere Elements WDM.


          Then click the ASIO Settings button and ensure that your Output is properly configured.


          If you're interested, I go into details on configuring hardware for narration in a free tutorial at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


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            Large_Donkey Level 1

            Hi Steve, Thanks for your quick response. I've managed a cure by placing all of the narration into the Audio 2 timeline but I'm still unsure of what I've done to mute it in the narration timeline? I've checked all of the settings that you suggested and everything appears to be ok. Incidently the narration does not register on the VU meter (before I moved it to Audio 2 timeline)?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Going back a few versions, other users had issues with both the Narration and Soundtrack Tracks. I had not seen this issue posted for PrE 11 though.


              In all, that I can recall, cases, your workaround also worked for those users - just move the Audio Clips from one, or both of those Tracks, to an empty Audio 2, or Audio 3.


              Guess that the problem is not behind us, as many had thought. No one ever pinpointed the cause of the Narration, and/or the Soundtrack to become Muted. In the Audio Mixer, the Mute checkbox was empty, but those two Tracks suddenly ceased to function, though they had earlier in the Project.


              Good luck, and happy editing.



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                Large_Donkey Level 1

                Thanks Bill, its somewhat more reassuring that it's probably not me just being an idiot then!



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  You have plenty of company with this one. However, I had not read of this "old" problem with later versions, so assumed that it got sorted out by Adobe's engineers. Your report indicates that whatever the cause, it has not been eliminated.


                  One of the biggest problems is that those two Audio Tracks seem to function fine for most users, and in many Projects. At some point, the issues can appear, even in Projects that were just working fine, a few edits before - they just suddenly appear, even when no Audio editing was involved, just before their appearance - random, intermittent and not easy to track down.


                  Over the years, many of us have tried to find common threads: computers, Project type, media type, editing operations, but there seems to be little common ground - maybe phases of the Moon? That makes troubleshooting very difficult, as most cannot reproduce the problem, and it might strike at any point - new Project, old Project, or the one that was perfect, only minutes before...


                  At least we have a "fix," that seems to be 100% - the one that you found on your own.


                  No, you are not alone.


                  Good luck, and happy editing.