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    Installing PS CS3


      I am i trying to install PS CS3 from CD for the first time; I get a msg that the serial num is an upgrade vers + qualified prod not installed. cd doesn't say upgrade on it and when I bought it from the Apple store I told them this was a new install. How do I get this installed?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The serial number is and upgrade serial number look on the Adobe Box the CD came in it should show it an upgrade take it back to Apple.

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            TLetch Level 1

            Thanks for the quick post. I am confused b/c the back of the CD box only shows:



            xxxx-xxxx etc





            Does any of that identify it as an upgrade?  I suspect I will be out of luck as I bought this several years ago as a gift for someone and we are finally getting around to installing it now.  No proof that I bought it from Apple.

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can contact customer support, but it is unlikely anyone can do anything for you at this late date. CS 3 was 2007. It won't evey run on modern day computers. The price of CS 3 was quite hefty. It was a nice gift to give someone.