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    using digital editions


      I recently reinstsalled Windows, (also changed my email which you do have)  But now I am having trouble transferring books into my Nook Reader. I can download them into the reader but that is as far as I get.   This happened once before, and I fixed it by installing a "older" version of Digital Editions. ( I can't seem to find that one on your site). This one I am using now 2.0 freezes, and I have to go to my Task Manager to close it up.  I am using Windows 7 with 64bt  I would be happy to try the older version if you could send me the link.  I will give it a try.  Thanks for any help you can give me. Also my password I reset and  is working but my USER name isn't.  I forgot what it is.  Thanks again.. Carol Potter [user email removed by moderator].