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    Stopping the Hand Cursor

    Rothrock Level 5
      Okay, don't ask why I'm publishing to Flash 5, but I am!

      I've got a flyout panel that sometimes comes out over buttons or other interactive things. These buttons are clickable "through" the flyout panel -- which is a bad thing.

      So I thought I would make an invisible "click catcher" button and put it on the lowest layer of the flyout artwork. And it does work, except now the entire flyout panel shows the hand cursor over the whole area.

      Normally I would Button.useHandCursor=false, but since I"m publishing to Flash 5 that isn't an option.

      Also the pages this will appear over are dynamic (and not entirely within my control) so I can't make the underneath buttons invisible or anything like that.

      Does anybody have any creative ideas?