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    Extremely frustrating product. Slow scrolling makes Digital Editions useless.

    G G G Level 1

      I have been using Adobe Digital Editions for studying recently and I will not be using it anymore.


      I'm going back to the paper versions of my textbooks.


      Studying anything using Adobe Digital Editions is an exercise in patience and frustration. I have to wait almost 30 seconds to scroll to a new page in the textbook. Do you guys at Adobe have any idea how frustrating that is when trying to study? I am forced to use Digital Editions and am very unhappy with it.


      I have often wanted to scroll to a next page and had to do the following: Press the 'down' button on my keyboard 5-6 times, go to my kitchen for a drink of water, come back and wait for the page to finish scrolling. I also could have changed the size of the text to fit the page (which takes 4-5 seconds to do), press 'down' once, and then re-size the text again (which takes 4-5 seconds to do if the program doesn't freeze). Neither of these options is acceptable.


      Sometimes the program freezes completely and has to be forced to shut down with Windows Task Manager.


      I don't know how or why Digital Editions is such a failure technologically as Adobe is a large corporation with a huge amount of resources at its disposal.


      One would think making a fucntional E-Book reader should be a breeze for Adobe.


      The issue is not my computer. I have a dual-core processor and 3 GB RAM. An E-Book reader should work very well on my machine. Another forum commenter mentioned that his computer has 32 GB of Ram and a quad-core processor and he said exactly the same as what I said: Scrolling pages in Digital Editions is an absolute nightmare and makes the product unusable.