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    Ciao:) I am new to Behance!!!


      I would like to upload a PDF portfolio..Is it possible???

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          sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee




          Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, we do not accept PDF uploads. We'd recommend uploading the pages of your PDF as individual images to display on Behance.



          We do support embedding from the PDF viewing site Scribd.com--if you'd like a PDF on your Behance project, you can create an account on Scribd, upload your PDF, and embed it within a project (using the embed code/button)



          Let me know if you have further questions!

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            ShaneH Level 1

            I have to say, this is not a very good answer.


            I just wasted an entire morning, thinking that I would host a showcase of PDFs on Behance instead of paying to host them on ISSUU (which does support PDFs, and very well).


            I got the Behance account and team set up, told my colleagues of my brilliant plan, figured out how to bypass the never-working Creative Cloud Sync function, gathered all my PDFs for upload... only to discover that Behance rasterizes the first page of the PDFs and that's what you get.


            For reasons I cannot fathom, Adobe — the inventor of the PDF and monopoly that drives the prepress industry workflow thereof — does not support PDF on their portfolio product, Behance.


            Adobe should really, really rethink its stance on this policy, which is unbelievable in my view. You have a separate service called Portfolio that can be used to showcase raster images. What about subscribers who rely heavily upon PDF workflow?