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    What kind of desktop / laptop do I need?


      I realize this question has probably been asked, ad nauseam, in this forum more times than any of you care to read. And to be be quite honest I have asked other computer professionals this question and never seem to get a "straight answer". Now I don't think anyone is lying, I am quite sure each time I have asked or researched this question each has given thier answer based on how they understand what I am asking, and thier own experience.


        Right now I have an undeniably old laptop, that for the most part does everything I need.  The ONLY reason I am looking to upgrade is because I want to run AE. Now what I want to do is actually very simple. AE does WAY WAY more than I will ever need or even use. I do just a tiny bit of "video editing". I do things like lower thirds, and maybe a few swipes and transistion, but that is it. I used to think all I needed was a middle of the line video editing software like Vegas or Pinnacle. But after actaully usingn it and seeing the results I found out that even though I do really very little "editing" if I want it to look at all professional I have to use AE. The stuff I was getting from Pinnacle was very very amateur, and even though I am exactly that, I don't want it to look like it.


        Anyhow long story short I have hear so many reccommendations as to what I actually need. Some have saidI can get away with as little as a macbook air, some say I just need a good processor, and some say I have to have this big hulking machine. I am a simple guy with simple needs. I want something that moves fairly fast, but I am also budget conscious. I have found Adobes "minium requirements" really are minium as you are lucky to be able to use it at all if that is what you are using.


      I know this has been long, but can anyone help me? Do I just need a good processor, do I need a graphics card?


      Thank you.