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    Embedding an Animation in a JPEG


      I've seen a lot of JPEG files with simple animations embedded in them.


      Problem is, if I add animation frames to a file, I can only save it as a GIF. I don't want to save non-animated layers in GIF format. The quality doesn't cut it.


      So, whats the trick to saving animated frames in a file format other than GIF?



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          Trevor.Dennis Most Valuable Participant

          You can't save the finished animation as a JPG.  You know that, right?  There are various options how to render the final product right up to incredibly high quality 4K video. 


          The nearest thing I can think of in the way of an animated JPG, is this cheeky AV by buddy Bret Lucas.  It uses 1200 still frames (JPGs) shot at 5 frames per second on a Nikon D3.    It was shot in reverse as paint was 'added' to young lady, who BE WARNED is otherwise quite naked!   Very nicely done though.


          Bret is the best studio photographer I know.  FStop Studios


          Another Warning.  This contains inappropriate content, albeit very artfully done


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            tepor Level 1

            Well, I thought I knew that, but I ran into some animated graphics with a .jpg extension that I know were created in Photoshop. I guess the author must have just renamed them and used a .jpg extension.

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              Trevor.Dennis Most Valuable Participant

              Check this old thread.  Marion is a real expert with moving images, so what she says is definitive.




              What you might have seen are hyperlinks.  For instance this file looks like a JPG



              But it is actually a GIF.  You can usually hover over links on web pages, and emails, and see the real target at the bottom of the page.  Definitely a good habit to get into with email if you want to avoid disaster.


              [EDIT]  Yes, it works like I said.  Hover of the link and look at the bottom left corner of the browser window.

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                tepor Level 1

                Nope, they aren't links. I have copies of the physical files. Renaming a .gif file with a .jpg extension has no effect on the contents of the file though. It'll load just fine in your browser. Just not sure why it was done, which is what I assume happened. I'll check out the link you posted though. Thanks. Oh, a .gif file won't open in Photoshop though if its been renamed as a .jpg. You get an "invalid .jpg marker" sort of error message. Just rename it with a .gif extension and Photoshop is happy.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Most Valuable Participant

                  Are you saying that you have animated JPG files on your hard drive?  Can you upload one to Dropbox, or link to one on the web?

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                    tepor Level 1

                    No, I'm saying I have animated GIF files that have been renamed with a .JPG extension.


                    Just take any old GIF file and rename it with a .JPG extension. You'll have what I have.


                    Your browser should still play it as a GIF, despite the .JPG extension.


                    But Photoshop won't open it, until you rename it with a .GIF extension.


                    I tried uploading a GIF formatted file renamed with a .JPG extension:


                    - my image hositng account replaces the .JPG extension with a .GIF extension

                    - Adobe's website treats it as a .JPG and just displays the first frame

                    - if I simply load it into Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, it plays fine. My browsers know its a GIF file, despite the JPG extension.


                    So if you're interested, you will just have to play with a GIF file on your computer. Sorry.

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      You can create animated PNG files but all browsers do not support them. With Photoshop CS6 and CC you can render mpg4 video and loop them in browsers pages. Here is a link to some Animated PNG. See if your browser just displays the first frame or display the animation. I use Google Chrome browser there is an extension for it the will display PNG animation files. http://mouseprints.net/old/dpr/APNG/

                      A mp4 video rendered with Photoshop. Video can not have a transparent background as far as I know when I tried the video rendered by Photoshop had a black background. So I added a white background http://mouseprints.net/old/dpr/JJMackAniMp4Loop.html


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                        tepor Level 1

                        Cool lettering. It displays in Chrome for me fine. I'll have to take a peek at that format sometime. File size is probably a bit large for what I'm doing at the moment though. Thanks.