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    Premiere Pro CC V7.2.1 Lose Audio in AVCHD files


      Hello Abobe Users,


      I'm working for several month in a video project, using premiere and after effects.


      I've worked correctly until last night, but suddently today just open the project I got a message:



      Basically says that the footage selected does not contain a media element used by the reference.

      Of course windows application works properly with audio & video.


      Actions from my side:

      - I've red similar post to get some ideas to what to do.

      - I've reinstalled both after effects and premiere pro, due to the fact that also after effects was affected by the same problem.

      - I've done the steps showed below, and now after effects work again correctly (I can load the same .MTS file without message error)


      Premiere Pro still doesn't work....


      Please, have you got any suggestion to me?


      Thanks in advance for any help