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    Http referrer


      Is it possible to redirect to the referrer upon the completion of the form?

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Yes, you can set up redirect URL for the form. Please go to Options tab and click on Redirect URL section. You have options to have the form to reload the form itself or go to a new page.

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            GrumbleGuts Level 1

            Thanks Wenlan, I am trying that option which works fine, but the situation that I am looking at is our business with multiple business units and I want to use the one form, each business unit has it's own intranet site and I was hoping to redirect to the site page that referred the link to the form, this would give us a more seemless intergration with our intranet.

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              Wenlan_Du Level 2

              Sorry, FormsCentral doesn't support that functionality. You have to fill in the URL to redirect to and one URL only for one form.