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    What is the best way to improve export time in PreE10?


      I import the mts files directly from a sd card or HDD using PreE10's importer. Next, I add titles, video/audio fades, and transitions then export to DVD. Right now, my projects are 60min+~4min black video in length and exported directly from PreE10 as SD on a DVD.  It takes on average 94min to finish this task.

      What can I do/upgrade to speed up this process?

      Computer specs:


      Windows 7 Professional

      -Intel Core i7-3770

      8GB DDR3 RAM

      SanDisk 128 SSD (OS+Programs)

      WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM HDD (All media)

      GTX 650 1GB


      Would buying another SSD help? Would upgrading my processor dramatically improve the time? Or should invest in Premiere Pro and upgrading GPU?


      I would like to stay using PreE10, but If there is nothing more that can be done to dramatically improve time, I would consider going to the next level with Premiere Pro.