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    Possible performance killing option enabled?


      Hi Guys,


      A week ago AE was running fine, but in the last few days, I must have enabled or did something to chop its performance by 75%. I know this is really broad, but do you guys know of any thing on the top of your head that may or could be enabled to do this?


      Also, while rendering, my ENTIRE computer is super laggy, just typing this text right now, for example, is laggy. I used to ALWAYS hit render, and then browse the web, watch videos, etc... but now it's unbearable. Also, it isn't just when i do a final render. It also occurs when I skip to a single frame in the comp and it tries to render it(goes really slow)


      AE cs 5.5

      Win7 PRO 64 bit

      24gb ram

      i7 or i5 (i forget) quad core

      Multicore enabled for AE performance in the settings tab.

      3gb ram reserved for other applicatoins

      2 processor cores reserved for other applications


      Let me know all of your thoughts.