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    Installing Full Content for Pre-Installed Premiere Elements 10


      My new computer (HP Envy Spectre XT) came with pre-installed copies of Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements. However, when opening either application, a message pops up saying that a reduced set of content is available:



      "A reduced set of content (Instant Movie Themes, Title and Menu Templates,etc) has been installed. You can install the full content by inserting your Content DVD or downloading it. Do you want to install now?"


      Pressing "Yes" loads an obsolete URL, which redirects to www.adobe.com/special/premiereel/downloads, a page that does not contain the required files. As they were pre-installed on an ultrabook without a CD drive, there were no included CDs.


      Where can the FUll Content files for Premiere 10 be accessed?