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    why the TOC and search result topics are not correct


      I am working on a project using RoboHelp 6. This project needs chm files in multiple languages. All other language files, including Japanese and Simplified Chinese are fine, except the Tradional Chinese.

      What I am doing is
      1. copy the whole English project into a separate directory.
      2. copy the translated htm files, hhc, and hhk files to that directory.
      3. open RoboHelp 6 and generate the chm.

      Above steps works for Japanese and Simplified Chinese but Traditional Chinese.

      For Traditional Chinese, all above 3 steps work well, but when I open the Chm file, problems appeared. Traditional Chinese characters in the Contents tab and the search tab are unreable, all other tabs and explorer window are fine. However, all traditional Chinese characters are displayed correctlly in robohelp API.

      Does anyone here know why those traditional Chinese characters go to totally unreable in CHM file.

      By the way, I did generate chm files in all languages including traditional Chinese using Robohelp X5 before. It worked well at that time.

      Thanks a lot.