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    Search Result Page not found

    gripen Level 1



      I followed this guide to create a search and search reslut page: http://helpx.adobe.com/business-catalyst/partner/add-search-form.html

      So I created two pages, one with the search box with following code as suggested on tutorial:




      And the serarch page caled search-results.html with following code as suggested in the tutorial:



      But I am getting the "Page Not Found" error. Both the pages are in the siteroot..

      I have replaced PageID={module_oid} with PageID=/search-results.html.

      Can someone help me what mistake I might have done?


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          Lynda-S Level 4

          It is a common mistake and one I have made several times.


          Change this:








          An example search action would be:




          The KB says the following:


          Replace the PageID={module_oid} parameter with the path and filename of your results page. Note that PageID becomes just ID in this case.


          It is simple to overlook and can be confusing as first.

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            gripen Level 1

            Thanks Lynda, that worked ofcorse Thats what happens when you try to solve something late at night


            Merry Christmas