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    Exporting Lower Thirds from AE CC 12.2 to be used in Premiere


      hi everyone,


      I'm currently in the trial versions of adobe AE and Premiere for Mac.  I'm stuck...trying to troubleshoot whether AE or/and Premiere is not properly set up.


      I have dug up so many youtube tutorials and forum posts on how to export lower thirds with alpha channel from AE...  and everyone has the same solution,


      Here is my lower third on AE, as you can see it is transparent:



      Export using the following settings as everyone has taught:



      Import into Premiere, I layer it over my footage and it just doesn't show up...like it is not there.

      Yet, the footage preview shows the lower third, but my preview doesn't...



      Anyone know what is wrong? 


      I downloaded a free web-based sample lower thirds quicktime (Created with: Adobe After Effects CS5.5 10.5 Windows 64)

      to test if all lower thirds don't work...sample works perfect...  therefore, I conclude that it has to be that my mac AE is exporting in a format that Premiere can't show properly.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks