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    Am I Doing This Correctly (Flash Video Web Creation)


      Trying to see if i put together these flash videos correctly. Basically,

      1. i create a FLA. file in Flash CC. 

      2. Import a video, which lets me choose an already created flv file.

      3. Choose a skin for the menu.



      When i test it... all the controls work...except the maximize button. This ofcourse, is preventing me from using it on my website, because i have all the video sizes pretty small, but the user options it to make bigger.


      Am i missing something here, or just doing this incorrectly all together, and that's why the max button doesn't work.  What are you guys doing to make it work correctly for you??? i'm a novice in Flash CC or any other versions.


      PS. i am familiar with html5, but i still get hangups from time to time.


      Thanks Alot in advance for your help.