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    Photoshop CS6 Help Required -  Whites are slightly cream


      This is the first time I have posted a question on this forum.  If I am in the wrong place please accept my apoligies. Thanks.


      I have a problem which I have spent days and days trying to solve but without success, I sincerely hope someone can help me.


      I am using Photoshop CS6 (Version 13.0.6 x64) on a 27”iMac running  OS X Mavericks (Version 10.9.1).  My printer is an Epson 3800  (Driver Version 9.17).  I am using Epson inks on Epson paper and my screen is correctly calibrated.


      I have had the printer for a number of years and its prints are normally excellent. However the following problem has recently occurred and I am not sure what has caused it; but when I print the whites are not pure and are slightly cream. 


      If I print letting ‘Photoshop Manages Colours’ (which I have always done) and using an original Epson profile for Semigloss paper I get this problem.  To be precise when I print a test Grey Scale my 5% and 0% (white end of spectrum) are both the same cream colour and the 100% and 95% (black end of spectrum are also the same shade of black).  The profile numbers on the original image on screen reads for the white end 242 and 255 (5% and 0%) and for the black end 0 and 12 (100% and 95%).  I have concluded that there is no problem with the image or my screen, as I have mentioned it is correctly calibrated and you can see the difference in all the tones from 100% to 0%.


      When I print letting ‘Printer Manages Colours’ though I do not get this problem at all, although obviously the colour balance is not excellent compared to using the proper paper profiles.  I have therefore concluded that there is no problem with my printer.  It must then be either a profile issue or a software issue.


      However I get exactly the same problem if I print on Epson Glossy paper using the appropriate original Epson profile and ‘Photoshop Manages Colours’.  I have therefore concluded that it is not a profile issue and it must be a Photoshop issue, unless all the Epson profiles are corrupted which I think is most unlikely.


      I appreciate that my logic may be completely wrong and that is why I am posting my plea for help.


      Somewhere deep in Photoshop there must be a way to solve this problem.  Can you offer any advice or assistance?


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