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    My movies won't play

      Hello everyone,

      I am having a little trouble getting my movies to actually play. When i hit the play button in the control panel the play head doesn't move! Even when i publish it the movie doesn't play. I have used earlier versions of director and haven't had any problems so wondered if its something really obvious that has been added in the MX 2004 version? Also i first used the program on a PC and now using MX 2004 on a Mac. Thank you for you time everyone!

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          Hi Jon,

          I've seen this many times with my students and it's because he/she accidentally
          linked a
          on exitFrame
          go the frame
          behavior to a sprite. So, I'd suggest you look at all your sprites and check what
          behaviors are attached.

          As a simple test, move your playback head to a clear part of the score, let's say
          this is frame 100. At frame 110 place the 'go the frame' behavior in the scripting
          channel. Then click in frame 100 and press play. See if it plays to frame 110. If
          it does, which I'm 99% sure it will, it means that you'll need to check the sprites
          for a behavior that should not be there.


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            > on exitFrame
            > go the frame
            > end

            Or it's possible this is in a #movie script. Hit Ctrl+Shift+U and look
            for "exitFrame" in the handlers drop-down to the right of the
            script-syntax drop-down at the top-left of the script window that opens.
            If exitFrame is listed there then this might be your problem - try
            commenting the entire handler in the movie script.