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    Updating CS6


      I updated to Maverick and trying to update CS6 and get the error messag "unable to write to location users/johnburket2/library/applicationsupport/adobe.  Please add write permission and try again.  It does not look like tia file exists as I have run a search.  Please advise on how to get the update to work.  Thanks.

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          Sounds like you didn't copy all the app files from another partition/machine, or your permissions are just broken.


          That directory should exist, and should be writable by you. If that directory does not exist, you need to copy it from the old partition/machine, or reinstall the software.

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            JFBurket Level 1

            I had to reinstall PS once I migrated it over from my old computer (Three months ago) because the Apple migration software does not pick on non Apple software.  PS and NIK plug-ins all work fine, it is just the software update that is not working.  So you think I should uninstall and install again??  It is just a pain if not needed.  I ran a permissions scan and no Adobe products came up as having permission issues??  Thanks for your input.

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              The permissions problem would be on the application support folder, where you have a problem (bad permissions or missing) with one or more directories.  Without seeing your machine to know exactly where the problem is - I can't tell.


              Fixing the perimissions, copying the folders from backup, or reinstalling is the way to get it fixed.

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                john worthington Adobe Employee

                Apple webpage for fixing home directory permissions problems on Mavericks.