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    CFLAYOUT Sample not even works in IE7

    tinu88 Level 1
      FWIW: Using CF8hf2:

      The sample code of CFLAYOUT documentation does not work in IE7, the Area 2 is always covering the entire width here. Area 3 is hidden. In O9 and FF2 it works as excepted and explained. The splitter is horizontal between Ares 2 and 3. BTW: Fill some more lines as text in Area 2 and size the area to show only part of the lines. FF2 has a bug there, it will show scrolling-in lines without the pink background. In IE7 there will be no vertical scroller at all.

      Another thing, if the cflayout in the sample is changed to tab (and the areas got names), the 4 buttons appear on the second tab. Fine, but their effects on the tab 1 is completey messing up there in IE7.