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    Deleting content from ADE




      I am having trouble deleting a ACSM file from my iMac.


      I have downloaded a book,  however the ACSM file remains live and whever I download a new book this older ACSM file is shown as live and of course

      I end up downloading the item again, so a loop develops.  I delete from ADE the duplicated book entry and the ACSM file becomes active again and so we go on!


      'When I delete the book from ADE I receive a warning message to say that the original file is not removed from the operating system'.


      How does one delete a book from the ADE library and at the same time kill the original ACSM file.  Oddly this is only happening with one book!


      OSX Mavericks is my operating system on an iMac. 


      Books are from Kobo and my device is a Kobo Arc though this has nothing to do with the issue.


      I look forward to receiving a solution.