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    Charts event masking problem

      We have an application (Flex 1.5) in which we create multiple pods within a
      VDividedBox container. Each pod is essentially a HBox with two
      charts (mx:BarChart and mx:PieChart) for arguments sake.

      When a pod is deleted from the container the vertical area of charts
      in the remaining child pods that responds to mouse over and clicks
      is diminished by around the height that the child gained.

      For example, if there were three pods and one was removed then each
      child gains roughly 1/2 of the height of the removed pod and it is
      roughly this area from the bottom of the chart (above the axis) that
      no longer responds to mouse over and mouse click events.

      The problem goes away when adding a new pod.

      Using a VBox instead of VDividedBox makes no difference. Decreasing
      the size of the last pod very small using the grips of the
      VDividedBox causes the same symptoms.

      Calling invalidateLayout, invalidateSize, layoutChildren, measure on
      the container and all of the pods has no effect, resetting their
      height to "100%" has no affect. All of the same on the two charts
      within the pod has no effect.

      It appears to be a problem in the way the chart components are
      calculating the area of the chart that should respond to mouseOver
      and click events.

      Any ideas, suggestions on possible workarounds, etc. very much