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    ArrayCollection question in cairngorm

    mark416 Level 1

      I have a simple cfc, the function is like this,it get a department list

      <cffunction name="getDept" displayname="getDept" access="remote" output="false" returntype="query">

      <cfquery name="getDepartment" datasource="bursary">
      SELECT Id, Dept
      FROM tlkpDept

      <cfreturn getDepartment />


      2.This is the modellocator .I want to save department list to the acDept (ArrayCollection)

      public class BursaryModel implements IModelLocator {

      private static var instance:CESFBursaryModel;

      public var acDept : ArrayCollection;


      3.This is the Delegate function. this builds a flex function getDept()

      public function getDept():void {

      var call:Object = this.service.getDept();


      4.This is part of the command class

      public function result( event:Object ):void {

      modelLocator.acDept = event.result;


      5 the view page, bind the

      private var modelLocator:BursaryModel = CESFBursaryModel.getInstance();

      <mx:ComboBox x="440" y="268" width="142" dataProvider="{modelLocator.acDept}" />

      my error is I get a list and it looks like.

      [object Object]
      [object Object]
      [object Object]
      [object Object]

      but I want to show the dapartment list,Please help me and give me a hit how to fix this.

      I do not know what the event.result is command class and how to convert is to a real department list.

      Thanks for your help