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    Saving in CS5.5 over LAN is very slow

    cma cma

      I have been using CS5.5 for several years over my LAN. Files are on System A. I work in DW 5.5 on System B. Normally, saving an edited file is almost instantaneous.


      I noticed recently that saving a file can take as long as one minute from CS 5.5.


      However, if I save any file from CS3 (also installed on System B), saving is instantaneous as usual.

         I checked to see if anything had changed in the site definition in CS 5.5 but did not notice any changes. I recreated the site cache but that did not help.


      When using CS 5.5 on the home System A, everything works instantaneously. So the problem is for CS 5.5 over the LAN, but not for CS3 over the LAN.


        Thanks in advance to you experts.