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    Since Adobe won't fix screen flicker, any workarounds?


      It's no surprise to anybody that Adobe takes their sweet time to fix bugs, if they ever. In this case, the one that is annoying the hell out of me is the crazy flicker/application switching when AE CS6 has to do something very GPU intensive. As far as I read this has been happening for at least over a year, and it's happened to me for that long as well, but I didn't use to work on stuff that was too GPU intensive, which now I am, so it frustrates the hell out of me.


      Basically many times when changing a parameter in anything that needs to use the GPU, whether it's a plugin that uses Cuda like Element 3D or CS6's own raytracing engine, or when starting to render a RAM preview, the screen flickers like crazy, and it's as if the Alt+Tab command to switch between applications was being pressed about 30 or 40 times per second. Also on the taskbar, I can see that the rectangle around the AE icon switches from one to two with the same speed the flicker does. I'm talking about Windows 7, when the same application has more than one window open, it shows two or more rectangles around the icon. This in theory never happens in AE as far as I can tell by opening other windows inside of it, whether it's properties windows or a new comp window.


      But definitely there is another window when this crazy flickers happens and AE is switching like crazy between its main interface and that other window, whatever it may be. When pressing 0 to do a RAM Preview, it goes on for a few seconds, depending on how complex the frame is, and then it starts rendering. Doing an Alt+Tab while it's flickering sometimes works, it doesn't always leave you in AE but at least it stops the flicker and your eyes from bleeding out. Clicking on another application's icon on the taskbar also can stop it sometimes.


      Now, the only hardware component that seems to matter here is the GPU because I don't remember this happening when doing anything that wasn't either Element 3D or Raytracing, but because I know it's protocol, my specs are:


      i7 3930k

      32 GB of RAM, Corsair Dominator

      Asus P9X79 Pro

      Gigabyte GTX770 4 GB of RAM

      2 Seagate Barracuda internal drives, 3 TB each


      This is a new installation of Windows with all the drivers updated a few weeks ago, so installing the newest Nvidia driver, if there's any, won't make a difference. This has been happening since I started using CS6 in 2012, at first only when using raytracing and then when using Element 3D. My previous card, an eVGA GTX570 with 1.2 had the same exact problem, no matter how many versions of drivers I tried. Also, when I first got CS6 I had another system with an AMD 1090T CPU and all my hardware was different, but this still happened, so it's not related to a specific hardware configuration. This is a clear bug that Adobe has plenty of time to fix and didn't, since there have been threads about this for a while:







      So of all the people that have this annoying bug, I wonder if anybody found a workaround? Maybe something in the settings of the Nvidia control panel? Anything else?