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    Javascript Code to Print Multiple Page Ranges in Acrobat


      Hi All,


      I am very new to Javascript (used it for the first time this morning) and was looking for some help.


      I have built a fillable pdf form in Acrobat that I am required to print on a very regular basis.

      However, when I print it, there are only particular pages that I need to print as opposed to the entire document.


      I have put in a Print button that executes the below code when pressed:


      this.print (true, 1, 25) ;

      this.print (true, 27, 28) ;


      This allows me to print two different page ranges, but it separates them into two different print jobs.

      Is there a code that will allow me to put them into the same print job, so that it selects pages 1-25, 27-28 rather than doing them separately?

      I am currently using Adobe Acrobat X Standard.


      Any input would be much appreciated.