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    Playing Audio Stops when accessing another application

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Sort of annoying little bug, might be my system, but suspect not.


      Using PRE 12 running Windows 7 x64 bit (i7 core 32GB Memory).


      Laid down a 5 minute music track and hit play and was intently listening for any editing boo boos I may have made. Thought I would save some time by multi-tasking and clicked on wndow where I had Microsoft Word active to go through my story board. As soon as PRE lost focus (when the Word Window came up) the music stopped playing. Hmf, so much for multi-tasking. So tried a game - Spider Solitaire - same problem.


      Anyone else have the same issue?  Would have thought that PRE12 would have been written to not stop dead in it's tracks when opening a new window.


      Have not tried this with rendering a video yet, but would not be happy if my PC were rendered inactive while the video was exported.....