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    Flex Application Stage Size and Scale


      I am trying to create a Web and Desktop flex application for people who may have less than perfect vision. I would like to allow the users to magnify everything on the screen (including text, buttons, images, etc.) if necessary. I have gotten the magnification step down using the following code in the main Application


      var matrix:Matrix = this.transform.matrix;

      var scale:Number = 2;        

      matrix.scale(scale, scale);

      this.transform.matrix = matrix; // this refers to the main Application


      Of course, by doing so, the Flex Application will be too big for the Flash Player window and only the top left quarter of the application is visible. I figure the next step is to decrease the Flex Application stage size by 50% to compensate. For some reasons, I can't figure out how to change the stage size of the Flex Application so that it only occupies the top left quarter of the Flash Player window.


      Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!