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    See Also popup menu not working

    LPMichael Level 1
      This had been posted before, but my situation is slightly different.

      I have 2 See Also text hyperlinks and one Releated Topics text hyperlink on each topic in my online help.
      All are set to dislay topics in a popup menu.
      The help is being generated to HTML help.
      Once generated, one of the See Also hyperlinks displays in a Topic LIst Dialog instead of the popup menu.
      The other See Also and the Related Topics hyperlinks are dsiplayed with the popup menu.

      I have checked the OPTIONS setting in the .HHP file and there is no reference to Language.
      I added one and it still does not solve the problem.

      An older version of this source works fine.
      Any ideas????
      I have to deliver by Wenesday.

      Thanks ---

      Michael F Weart