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    Quality loss after render for youtube


      So I recorded 30FPS 10second video with a game capture program called fraps last night and its avi. When I finish recording I can watch the video and its perfect 1080p no blur just crystal clear.


      I followed so many peoples advice and it just comes out not in perfect 1080p quality when uploaded to youtube.. there is always  blur and its definitely not crystal clear.


        I read a few people had the same problem and they said to render the video in after effects as lossless.. then take that rendered video and compress it with adobe media encoder. I'm trying to get this uploaded on YouTube in perfect quality. I know people on YouTube that do the same thing as I do but their video is 100% crystal clear at 1080p on YouTube its just amazing and I can't settle with less. I'm wondering would this work if I render lossless then import and compress with adobe media encoder? I have a sample that I put on YouTube I can show, I just need to make it public and will post on here.


      Watch in 1080p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LB2eTOUUfM