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    Unstable After Effects CC with dynamic link


      Hi all,


      I just bought a new iMac for editing etc. (Before the iMac I used my MacBook Pro). Everything works just fine but there is one issue with After Effects CC.


      When I have Premiere Pro CC open in the background and there is a dynamic link sequence in AE. My iMac is taking a long time to load video previews when scrolling through the timeline. Also the RAM Preview will hang after a couple of seconds for 5-10 seconds and than continues. I also noticed that MB Looks will take a long time to load too.


      So is there a conflict between the two applications or is it because of the sharing RAM or graphics card memory? What are the best settings for the Adobe applications for using RAM and graphics?


      System specs:

      iMac 3,5 GHz i7 (Late 2013)

      32 GB RAM

      256 GB flash storage

      NVIDIA GTX 780M 4 GB



      Kind regards,