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    Problem with audio sample rate when exporting


      I am having an issue with my audio sample rate. For some reason it is set at 8 khz by defualt when I am exporting. This was not an issue until the latest update (2 weeks ago). I'll try and give all the info I can up front. Also I tried customer support...that was a nightmare.


      Ok the issue I am addressing is that the audio sample rate when exporting is at 8khz by default. Which to my knowledge has NO relevant use what so ever. Even when I set the file format to h.264 it insists on resetting to 8khz. Even if I manually set everything look at the render queue and click on output module again it changes the sample rate back to 8 khz automatically which I must adjust again. Why can it not just be set at 48000 like every other adobe product is and like it used to be two weeks ago. Does anybody have an answer?