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    InDesign CS 6 Page Transitions


      I'm trying to create 'previous' and 'next' page invisible buttons for an interactive PDF with each button using a different transition. For example, the 'next page' button would use the 'Wipe' with a 'left' direction setting and the 'Previous page' button using the 'Wipe' with a 'right' direction setting. My problem is that its not allowing me to set different setting to each button. I've created docs with these exact options in the past with no issues until recently. Can someone supply me with a solution or reason I can't do separate transitions?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Page Transitions which are unique to particular pages are set in the Page Transitions panel. Window > Interactive > Page Transitions. You can set them when the pages are selected. You can preview them on the Pages panel if your preview thumbnails are large enough.


          Also, keep in mind that in a PDF document, page transitions are only visible when you're in Full Screen mode.

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            SQURL43 Level 1

            I know how to create the buttons with transitions but I can't assign different transition effects for each button on the same page or even for the entire document. I have an older document that I created with those different effects but when I open that doc up all the transitions revert to the same effects. Why can't I do separate transitions for multiple butttons?

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Pardon, but if you create a button with an action of Next Page or Previous Page in the Buttons & Forms panel in CS6, there is no option for setting the page transition.

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                SQURL43 Level 1

                Steve, the Page Transitions are in a whole separate panel than the buttons panel. I usualy setup my button then go back a apply transitions to each button. So after trying to create what I've done in the past and calling my fellow designers for assistance I came to the conclusion that this is an InDesign issue and will be submitting a ticket to Adobe for a fix. Everyone that I've asked to try this has came back with the same problem. Thanks for your response but it seems to be a bug in Indesign. Have a good one and a happy new year..

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                  John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Steve is correct; page transitions are not applied to buttons. If you want differing transitions on odd and even pages, in the Pages panel, select all the odd-numbered pages and apply one transition using the Pages panel menu. Then invert your selection, (select all the even-numbered pages), and apply the other transition from the Pages panel menu.


                  Export ast PDF Interactive and set it to open full-screen, with page transitions "from document".


                  I just did a quick experiment here to confirm it works. My experiment included prev/next buttons, but the transitions work the way you want with or without buttons, because again, the transitions and the buttons are unrelated.

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                    SQURL43 Level 1

                    I'll give this a try, got my fingers crossed.



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                      SQURL43 Level 1

                      OK I figured it out. Thanks for the help. I was confused on the buttons and page transitions not being tied together. I just need to export my PDF as a spread and not single pages in order for my next and previous buttons to display right.


                      Thanks to the both of you for your responses.