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    After Effects Rendering problem


      Hi, I am having a problem with After effects CS6, I know the newest version of Afer Effects is CC but I don't like CC and I have never had a problem like this before, I'm sure the fact that I don't have CC doesn't make much of a difference, I am making a Call of Duty montage, all clips being .wmv, 59.94 frames per second, and 1280x720 pixels. I had made it halfway through the montage with no problems until this came along. When I ram previewed before the problem came along it would render out the whole video with the music and effects. Then I added the next clip to edit and once I was finished with that clip the whole video was 48 seconds (still not done with the whole thing) and when I did a ram preview to see the first 3 clips together, the ram preview only rendered out to the end of the second clip at 22 seconds and kept on playing only the 22 seconds over again. I have looked up basically everything, I tried restarting my computer, I also did Edit > Purge > All memory and much more, nothing is working. I am running on a Windows 7 64 bit operating system with 8 GB of ram, my processor is a Intel Core i5-3330 @ 3.00GHz. Please try and help me out on this, thanks.

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          RAM previews use your system memory and you only have so much of it before you run out. More frames, more memory usage. Higher (preview) resolution, more memory usage. And so on... Sounds like you simply previewed at reduced resolution when it seemed to work and now have switched to a higher one. Can't defeat the computer math... Switch your res to 50% or even 25% to increase preview duration...