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    simple text color?

    studio 3D

      I'm finally migrating to Dreamweaver CC (Windows) from GoLiveCS2, and I usually keep things pretty simple. I'm selecting some text, but just cannot find anywhere to change it's color! The Properties tab has no color option, and the Format tab shows no color option... even this forum has a COLOR picker! ?? Thanks

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hello Ron,


          --------- deleted: my answering was clearly unnecessary ---------



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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            DW requires you to know how to use CSS for styling content. Use the CSS Designer panel to define your CSS classes.  Then apply formatting and classes from  your HTML properties panel.  See screenshot below.





            Nancy O.

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              davidhelp Level 1

              Thanks to both of you for the screenshots. They are helpfull.

              I see that as you choose a color it asks you to create a class which then shows up in the 2nd screenshot.

              I was always manually creating them in my css file.... and never noticed this before   :  )


              .orange {

                  color: rgb(255,102,0);


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                studio 3D Level 1

                OK, I guess I have to learn CSS... I don't know why, since I'd rather just assign colors like I did in GoLive. I suppose it will be beneficial in the long run, but I just want to do a simple web design so I can put my efforts on my business!


                thanks for your help.

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  A LOT has changed since GoLive retired.   In the old days, you could use HTML formatting but those days are gone.  Modern web standards dictate that styles  must be kept separate from content (HTML).  And the way we do this is with CSS.


                  This is a very good thing for web site owners.  Say you decide to change the look of your site, you can do it globally by editing just one file instead of tediously re-coding every HTML page.  A huge time saver.  CSS is also a powerful tool. To give you a glimpse into some of what CSS can do, have a look at CSS Zen Garden and CSS Tricks.  Very cool stuff.



                  Nancy O.

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                    studio 3D Level 1

                    Thanks, Nancy...

                    I'm already having "fun" swapping out compents with library objects

                    CSS shouldn't be so hard to learn with my very simple website... might even be fun!

                    www.studio3d.com (still on GoLive files)

                    Adobe forums are fantastic.