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    dng converter

    mantiboa892 Level 1

      I posted a week ago about dng converter stopped working. It worked at the begiining but stopped after a month or so. I have sonce tried downloading several times but does not come up in my photos. There is ajpeg file now + ps file  . When i click on the ps box it comes up into a raw file edit but when i come to save it there is no listing for conversion into jpeg format so i can see it ...only ps. Dont understnd this.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are either leaving out of step in your workflow as you try to describe it, or else you don't understand the DNG converter. It is used to create DNG copies of your raw files. The DNG converter has nothing to do with JPEG or PSD files. When you said that the DNG converter was working, how are you using it and what were the results. If you can describe your workflow more completely perhaps we can provide you with some suggestions.

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            mantiboa892 Level 1

            ok thanks.....Well  When i first downloaded the converter it came up into the place where i keep 'pictures.' in windows. Oriinally they were stored in Windows live photoallery. The computer crashed and lost windows gallery. Sometime later after downloading 'photogallery' back to my computer (after the download of adobe converter)  the converter disappeared and after much searching in my computer ,i found a message ....dng converter ..control host stopped working. I have now unistalled photo gallery but doesnt change anthing. I set my camera for jpeg and raw. what comes up after downloading images from the camera is a photo+ps box.If i open up the ps box i find the raw converter to edit this image but when i go to 'save as' in pselements there is no longer a category for SAVE AS jpeg file so i cant see the image. When i first downloaded the converter it worked fine.

            When i look in my comp for installed software the dng conv. is not listed there and yet i can see it in another place as listed but not as installed. Very complicated. difficult to solve this i htink just by writing about it. What also have in windows 7 for images is LIBRARIES . This where the images are going. Also photshop. Another prob is images are automatically going into ps which i dont want. I have little experience of using ps and use it only for simple editing and cropping.How do i stop images automaticalling going into ps?   Well thanks for trying to help.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There seems to be more than one issue here, and I'm not sure how to help you solve them. I don't use Photoshop Elements. First of all let's clarify the DNG converter. It is an independent program, not a plug-in or an add-on to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. The sole purpose of the DNG converter is to create DNG copies of your raw images. The DNG converter does not depend on Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or any other program to function. If the DNG converter has been lost and is not on your list of installed programs then you need to download it and install it again.


              As far as the "Save As" problem is concerned, I think Photoshop Elements requires that the image not have any layers, and that the one layer be identified as the background layer in the layer stack.


              If you are seeing the JPEG, but seeing the "PS" icon for the other image in Photoshop Elements, that would indicate that Camera Raw is not installed correctly.


              I'm probably not giving you the help that you need. If you can somehow isolate your problems and describe them more fully, perhaps I can understand what is really happening.


              A few questions:

              1. What version of Photoshop Elements are you using?

              2. In Elements, if you go to Help/about Plug-Ins, what version of Camera Raw does it indicate you are using?

              3. What version of the DNG converter did you try to install? Did it ever work?

              4. Why are you converting to DNG? Have you ever done it successfully?


              I will probably think of other questions, but this will get things started.