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    problem with web service, please have a look,thanks!

      Hi, I have developed a webservice which only working with flex if both client and webservice using the same host name, for example, in my flex page if I put:

      <mx:WebService id="srv" wsdl=" http://localhost:8080/axis/services/MyService?wsdl" showBusyCursor="true"/>

      then in my brower I have to use something like http://localhost:8600/... then it's working, however if I put the real IP address in flex page say like:

      <mx:WebService id="srv" wsdl="" showBusyCursor="true"/>

      then I can't get any data from my browser ' http://localhsot:8600/... ' however it will works if I use the same ip address in my browser ' ', so I run into a trouble: I can't get my flex working if client is on other computer, I think my webservice is fine as other computer can view the wsdl file also other computer can consume the webservice by using a java class, so I guess the problem is soemthing to do with my flex?

      Many thanks for your help,