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    Using Digital Editions


      My son received a new Nook HD for Christmas that replaced his Simple Touch Nook that he had for several years now.  During that time, we have used Adobe Digital Editions for the Simple Touch and borrowed countless books from the library without issue.  When I attempted to plug in his new Nook HD, however, the device is not recognized by the program and the books that have been checked out from the library digitally cannot be transferred to the device.  In an attempt to fix this problem I have already downloaded the upgraded digital editions from Adobe.  I also looked at their troubleshooting suggestions, including making sure my device is plugged in prior to opening the program.  Nothing I have done makes the device recognized by the program.  Help!  To be clear, I have no problem getting the books from the library and downloading them onto digital editions.  My problem only lies in being able to see the new Nook HD and moving books onto that device.  Still works for the old Nook.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Most tablets are not recognized by ADE (digital editions).


          Try installing a compatible Adobe DRM  app on the tablet, Bluefire seems the most reliable.

          Authorize Bluefire with your Adobe ID.

          Then copy books from the computer to the tablet using your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder) to the tablet as a mounted drive.


          You should be able to borrow and read library books directly on the tablet without going via ADE.

          The Overdrive app is specially designed for that, but I have found it rather stroppy in use (on iPad).

          I usually use a dedicated ereader for reading rather than the iPad as it weight about a million times less,

          so still need to go via ADE.