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    Email Notifactions not going to email address


      *** Can I please have an answer to this if possible*****

      I have setup a user to recieve email notifactions and they are not getting them.  I have set them up as a reader and also a co-author and have gotten the message about sharing the form.  The user then clicks on the form name and goes to the site.  When a form is entered the email address is not getting the email.


      Please help I need to get this working!



      Carleen Wood

      NAC Marketing



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      Please make sure the users you shared the form with have verified their email address with their FormsCentral account. Here is an aritcile on how to set up email notificaitons with others: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1424. Please make sure you have everything set up properly.


      One other thing you want to check is to check the spam folder of the emails to receive notifications and make sure FormsCentral emails are not blocked.





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      Hi Wenlan,


      I used that article to make sure the steps where followed.  When the email comes in the user is clicking on the link and going to the web site. Is there something else that should be done?