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    Help with Booklet / print preset CS6



      I'm using InDesigen Cs6 for Mac.


      I'm trying to creat a booklet for an A4 size book - A3 spreads.

      (the book will be printet in a Print house , however I do what to learn how to make the booklet (imposition)).


      So the main problem I'm having is that the printer connected to the mac is for A4 papers, so when I'm trying to crate a Print preset (to use in the booklet later) i don't have the option of creating an A3 Print preset, and so when I'm creating a booklet the spreads gets cut.


      Is ther any way to creat an A3 print preset without an A3 printer installed?

      Is it realy the problem? meaning are the booklet spreads beeing cut beacuse I dont have an A3 Print preset ?


      Thanks up front.

      sorry for any english spelling broblems.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          No. I guess the printer manufacturer would find it pretty useless to have an A3 print preset for an A4 printer.


          However, printing the booklet on a local printer and in a printing factory are two completely different things, because for factory print you'll make a printable PDF with bleed and marks.


          Then, when setting up the INDD, you usually select A4 pages (single or double) and later create the booklet in Indesign with the booklet feature. You might want to export a PDF of that booklet in A3 and then print from Reader to printer in A4. What else?

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            An printers imposition is a lot different than InDesign's imposition.


            The printer considers, gutters, bleeds, trim, page position, grip, orientation and all other things.


            Depending on the print run and the printing machines at hand it might be printed on an A2 sheet, or A1 or B1 or B0.


            It just depends on what the printer really wants to print your print job at the most cost effective method for them.



            You can attempt the imposition yourself on a A4 size sheet though.


            But it really doesn't compare to how a printing company handles it.


            If you really want to see it in action get in touch with them and ask them if you can be a fly on the wall for the process.



            I've sat many a people through their first print run and talked them through how and why the imposition is created in such a way - then the penny drops when they see it being printed and trimmed.



            It really is a great experience if you've never seen a job being printed from start to finish.