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    Slider bar to control movie clip-how to?

      I am trying to create a section of a site, which look s quite like this one: http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/genericContent.do?oid=163402 (click on DIGITAL SLR and see what I am trying to replicate).
      I have created a sliding bar, created 3D animated sequences of my movie. But I do not know how to put these all together to control 3D rotation positions by sliding the bar handle... Need this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! Please, give a helping hand!
      I am a beginner in action script, so, I may need more detailed explanations.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          the code below the dotted line defines a class designed to encode a slider that controls any number of flash objects. in your situation you have one movieclip (your 3d animate sequence) and you want the slider to control that movieclip's timeline.

          1. save the code below the dotted line in a plain text file with name scroller.as and place it in a subfolder (com.gladstien.extensions) of the folder that contains your fla.

          2. make sure your scollbar has its registration point at the top left and your scrubber has its registration point at its top left. give your scrubber an instance name of scrubberMC.

          3. right click on your scrollbar that's in your library, click linkage, tick export for actionscript and in the class field enter:


          and click ok.

          4. place your scrollbar on-stage and give it an instance name, say scrollbarMC

          you can use the following code in your fla: