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    SQL Query in Flex3 to Datagrid

      So hey, do you guys know something about computers? lol...

      Ok, I'm doing some off time exploratory stuff for work. Mainly we have a business app. that is already used county wide for managing, well.. business.

      I'm already connected to our development DB after setting up a .sql file, connecting it using the Generic JDBC Driver through Oracle 10g, yada yada yada... (As a side note, we are currently in the process of migrating our business screens in Eclipse, using AJAX, J2EE, and some other horse-$--- from an outside contractor, long story short, it isn't working, and what does work, looks like crap)

      So anyways, I can access the tables I want, do full select statements and so on in my .sql file I set up, oh and I can even see my relults. I now wanna execute my queries in Flex.

      I'm using the TabNavigator with a couple of text fields to add to my query and a button to execute my query, then voila... I'm taken to the next tab where my Datagrid or text fields are populated. (We are currently using Silver Stream, yes I know.... ultra archaic, and OLD, but it has been nice to us for the last 6 years, but time to move on.)

      Now I'm sorta new to Flex, so go easy....
      Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated.