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    Snagit 8.0 and Robohelp

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      Snagit 8.0 allows the user to send a capture directly to a specified program. To add a program, it is necessary to add parameters > loctation of file. (e.g., from the Snagit Help File: "-min -a -ex "c:\temp\test.zip" "<CaptureFilename>" ). This command instersts captures into test.zip.

      Using RoboHelp X5 I would like to add snagit captures to a specific project.

      1. Is this possible with X5? If so, what is the Robohelp equivalent of "-min -a -ex?
      2. If this is not possible with X5, is it possible with X7.

      I verifed the Snait User Fourms and support doucmentation, but, I' am unable to find the answers. Hence, my post on the RoboHelp Use Forums.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there CRO1

          I'm guessing the answer here is no. I've never heard of it being done or seen anything similar in action. Hmmm, but now that I think of it, within RoboHelp you are able to launch RoboScreen Capture and that is exactly the way it behaves. So maybe within RoboHelp you could configure it to launch SnagIt and sort of work backwards from what you want. Instead of launching SnagIt first or independently and having its output sent to RoboHelp, configure RoboHelp to launch SnagIt. Grab what you want and it may be added to your project.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            Hello Rick,

            Thanks for your response, unfortunately the suggestion did not work. At least now I know how to add a new tool. I think the answer lies within the missing command switch.