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    What is a best practice for managing a large amount of ever-changing hyperlinks?


      I am moving an 80+ page printed catalog online. We need to add hyperlinks to our Learning Management System courses to each reference of a class - there are 100s of them. I'm having difficulty understanding what the best practice is for consistent results when I need to go back and edit (which we will have to do regularly).


      These seem like my options:

      • Link the actual text - sometimes when I go back to edit the link I can't find it in InDesign but can see it's there when I open up the PDF in Acrobat
      • Draw an invisible box over the text and link it - this seems to work better but seems like an extra step
      • Do all of the linking in Acrobat


      Am I missing anything?


      Here is the document in case anyone wants to see it so far. For the links that are in there, I used a combination of adding the links in InDesign then perfecting them using Acrobat (removing additional links or correcting others that I couldn't see in InDesign). This part of the process gives me anxiety each month we have to make edits. Nothing seems consistent. Maybe I'm missing something obvious?